January 26, 2021

Coaches gain valuable insights through cutting edge coaching workshop

Coaches gain valuable insights through cutting edge coaching workshop

Coaches from across Pretoria and Ekurhuleni attended the Gauteng Coaches Commission workshop in Pretoria in October as part of the GSC’s vision to empower coaches and turbocharge sport in the province.


This workshop, held at the High Performance Centre at the University of Pretoria on 15 October, outlined two key coaching philosophies — the Long Term Coach Development Plan (LTCD) and the Long Term Participant Development (LTPD) model.

Programme coordinator Elize Durand says the fact that nearly 100 coaches turned up show that there is a need for coach development in the country. She said that one of the greatest challenges in coaching in South Africa remains the proper accreditation of coaches.


“The Long Term Coach Development Plan would be used to promote professionalism in coaching in South Africa and would develop a clear career pathway for coaches. The Plan would evolve over time to keep abreast with the latest coaching techniques, technology, research, and developments.”


Using the LTCD Plan coaches are required to continually update their professional knowledge and skills.


“Continuing Professional Development (CPD) will enable coaches to perform competently within professional environments. CPD encourages Coaches to continue to improve their skills in formal and informal practices,” she said.


“Coaches will benefit from internal and external training courses such as attending conferences and events, online learning, work-based learning and reading of technical reports journals.


Measuring performance using a qualitative system to award points to members who adhere to the policy of LTCD and CPD will improve overall coaching behavior. A Code of Conduct will set professional guidelines for coaches to adhere to including disciplinary procedure.


Durand said: “The outcome of this Coaching Plan will enable coaching professionals to implement effective coaching strategies and guide the improvement of athletes to excel on a global stage.”

A coaching analysis of the 2016 Rio Olympics revealed that Gauteng athletes are not among the top performers; that Gauteng Coaches are not training top athletes; and that women need to get more involved in sports and coaching.


“A cohesive coaching system using the LTCD and LTPD would ensure an improved outcome for Gauging coaches by the 2020 Olympics, said Durand.

“Human development is a continuous process from birth to death. The LTPD model eliminates gaps in the player development system and guides planning for optimal athlete performance at all stages of development.”


“LTPD benefits everyone. It benefits coaches by creating a guideline for coaches to adapt to different levels of abilities. It benefits athletes by guiding them to their optimal performance according to their level of development,” said Durand

GSC secretary general Yaseen Lombard says that effective training and guidelines will ensure that sport continues to grow and that lifelong wellness is promoted.


“Participants of all ages, genders and levels of ability and disability will benefit. This ultimately fits in the South African Coaching Framework which is an effective, inclusive, cohesive and effective coaching system that promotes transformation and excellence in an active and winning nation,” he said.

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