February 26, 2021

Facility Upgrades to Boost Sport in Ekurhuleni

Facility Upgrades to Boost Sport in Ekurhuleni

Tennis, baseball and boxing in Ekurhuleni are set for a boost from hundreds of thousands of rands in upgrades as part of the Gauteng Sports Confederation’s multi-million rand facility upgrade project.

This GSC has raised an amount of R5million for the building and upgrading of community sport facilities in partnership with the Gauteng Gambling Board. The main objective of the project is to assist in the creation of sustainable sporting environments in which the participating communities of Gauteng will, in conjunction with schools and sport federations, participate in sport and healthy, physically active lifestyles.

The Vosloorus Tennis Club, which has produced players who are now playing in the provincial team is set for an extensive upgrade of its courts; club house; ablution facilities and perimeter fence. The club has also had junior development programmes ongoing for the past four years as has opened up new avenues for kids in the community.

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