February 26, 2021

First-of-its-kind facilitators’ workshop to empower sports administrators

First-of-its-kind facilitators’ workshop to empower sports administrators

Participants listen intently as they are taken through the various aspects of facilitation during a ground-breaking new workshop held at GSC.


The Gauteng Sports Confederation has successfully staged its first ever facilitators’ workshop to empower a new generation of sports administrators.


The programme was designed to teach participants the art of facilitation and to provide them with a solid theoretical foundation. The workshop is accredited by the Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority (ETDP SETA) which promotes and facilitates the development and improvement of the skills profile of the sector’s workforce in order to benefit employers, workers and employees in the sector.


The three day workshop took place at the GSC Sports House from 24 to 26 June and on 2 July and was facilitated by experienced trainers Nokukhanya Mguni and Pumeza Nyamela.  A total of 11 learners attended the inaugural session and Mguni was impressed by the commitment and positive energy that the participants showed.


“Our objectives of this four day program was to train participants in planning, preparing, conducting, reviewing and applying facilitation processes and skills. We also added in elements of group dynamics and touched on various facilitation methodologies,” said Mguni.


Different strategies were used throughout the three days, he said, to keep the programme interactive and stimulating.


Mguni said: “Some days were for group discussions and flip charts, and other days were for group presentations and role plays and we were impressed with the feedback and interaction of the participants.  Each day was different, which made the whole experience worth looking forward to.”


After all that was said and done, learners were required to complete and submit portfolios to GSC to ensure that they fully comprehended the material. Extension dates were given to those that couldn’t submit on the last day.


GSC President Barry Hendricks expressed his delight that everything went smoothly with just minor challenges and added that the course would be held regularly.


“There is a big need for training across the sports management and administration sector and we at GSC are ideally placed to address this need. This facilitators workshop is a vital step in equipping and empowering people outside of the sports field. We are proud to be able to develop the courses but to provide the best possible facilities and essential items like a pen and writing pad, learner guide to make the course a success,” said Hendricks.


He said that the GSC team would review all the recommendations and feedback to continue to develop the programme offering for future workshops.


“We hope to have more participants in the coming workshops, as this training course is a great initiative for people to learn and apply their skills. A big thank you goes out to everyone who participated and who made this significant new service possible!”


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