January 26, 2021


There are many other programmes that the GSC is involved with to build sport in the province.
These programes include:

Provincial coaching framework
This programme is guided by the GSC coaches commission. The main goal is to structure and implement the coaching framework and coaches programmes in the province.

Provincial colours
Setting and ensuring the proper standards for the provincial colours for Gauteng sport federations.

Gauteng Sports House
The GSC Sports House is the fully equipped office, conference centre, communication and board room facilities that the GSC makes available at no cost to its members.

Athletes Commission
The athletes commission is a committee established to advice the GSC on the needs of the athletes in Gauteng.

Dispute resolution
The GSC has been called upon by several federations and stakeholders to assist in resolving disputes in the sport fraternity and has done so with success.

An audit will be carried continuously to ensure that members comply to the transformation criteria to ensure that sport in the province is accessible, professional and conforms to the transformation mandate of the MEC and the GDSACR.

Disability sport
The GSC is committed to the establishment of the disability sport commission and the recognition of sport for the disabled as intrinsic components of the sport system in Gauteng. The sport disability sector includes physically disabled, intellectually impaired, visually impaired and deaf sectors. All disability sectors will be incorporated throughout the sport development continuum.